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Business Ecosystem

In our Fractional VP Sales role, we commonly fill the sales seat on our clients' leadership teams. We leverage our executive background to contribute to various areas of the business ecosystem with the understanding that all functions must operate cohesively for growth to be sustainable and scalable.

SX Wisconsin invests itself in maintaining a best-in-class suite of partners

to support our clients’ full business ecosystem. 

We recognize the importance of staying focused in our Sales Leadership specialization area but also have the executive background to recognize, evaluate and pinpoint needs in other dependent areas of the business. 

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In our small to mid-sized business focus area, our clients commonly benefit from supplemental expertise in addition to their on-staff resources. 

For this reason, SX Wisconsin is continually managing and evolving its Business Ecosystem network to ensure we have proven experts at our fingertips to support all areas of need we come across. 

Our commitment is to drive growth that is sustainable and scalable. This is only possible when all areas of the business are functioning at optimal levels.

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