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Why You Need a Value Prop That Sets You Apart

As I enter several small and mid-sized companies each year, it’s not uncommon that I find the owner has done an exceptional job of acting upon a good idea to create a viable business. The reason I get referred to help is because many of them hit a growth ceiling that requires that “good idea” to be surrounded by sales and marketing infrastructure so it can really take off.

For a company to be positioned for sustainable, scalable growth, they need to have a sound sales strategy and the ability to expertly execute it. The problem is these things can easily fall flat if they aren’t fueled by a well-designed value proposition that clearly sets the business apart.

A company’s value proposition is the unique advantage they have over their competitors and the reason their customers decide to buy from them instead of someone else.

I tell my clients about the importance of positioning their unique value proposition as the foundational element of their sales strategy and I want to share some of that insight with you. Once a company understands how to effectively design and leverage their value prop, they will have discovered one of the main keys to unlocking scalability.

Sound Sales Strategy Is Fueled by a Strong Value Proposition

Let’s level-set by defining what sales strategy is. I have found this can be a cloudy subject for some business owners, making it difficult to account for all the elements. Ultimately, sales strategy mobilizes a company’s marketing strategy through their salespeople and all team members that interact with its customers and prospects.

A variety of things make up a company’s sales strategy such as…

  • Unique positioning in predefined target markets

  • Sales messaging to capture the attention of defined buyer personas

  • Sales process to navigate new opportunities and beat the competition

  • The way value is delivered throughout the customer lifecycle

  • … and the list goes on

The critical factor in forming a winning sales strategy is it being guided by a clearly defined and unique value proposition.

As shown in our 2023 State of Sales Report with over 3,000 company’s reporting, many business owners overlook the important role that their value prop plays in their long-term success.

If you find yourself in one or both of the groups represented in our report, don't fret!

This shortcoming is something I can help you fix fairly quickly by turning an area of vulnerability into a high-impact opportunity.

I run value proposition workshops with my clients to sort through their strengths and isolate what truly sets them apart in the marketplace.

From there, we partner to turn that unique positioning into compelling sales messaging along with weaving it into other important aspects of their sales strategy.

These are the difference makers that turn your sales strategy into momentum building fuel that drives your business to the next level.

I’ve found it can be quite difficult for the business owner to create the right value proposition on their own because often they are too close to the business. Often, they don’t even realize that what comes second nature for them, is the benefit that sets them apart from the competition.

One of the benefits I bring to my clients is that I have a proven methodology to uncover the differentiators you need to tell your customers about. Then I help them put it into action.

Unlock Your Scalability Through Consistent Sales Messaging

A uniform message across your entire company is powerful. When your team is equipped with a value-prop-fueled sales playbook, it empowers everyone in the organization to be pulling in the same direction.

It naturally results in more people buying into what you are building, which increases internal morale and the perception of your brand to the world.

Without this level of cohesiveness, your scalability stands on shaky ground.

My Fractional Sales Leader colleagues and I are in hundreds of client settings each year. Our value proposition work is a cornerstone area of involvement given its impact on growth trajectory.

Here’s an example of how one client who hired a member from our team benefitted by using our proven value proposition development methodology to take their company to the next level.

Key Takeaways

The importance of a value proposition’s contribution to a successful sales strategy cannot be understated. It is the unique advantage that sets businesses apart from their competitors and helps them to stand out in today's competitive market.

Consider these things as you assess the strength and positioning of your value proposition:

  • The right differentiators are key to a strong value proposition.

  • Your value proposition should be simple, specific, and address your buyer personas’ challenges.

  • Leverage outside help to be guided through the right methodology to derive a powerful, unique, and compelling value proposition.

  • Your value proposition needs to be converted into effective sales messaging that is consistently communicated throughout your customer’s buying journey.

If you found yourself in one of the groups referenced in our report or you want to ensure you are leveraging your value proposition effectively, don't hesitate to reach out.

Contact us at or fill out our Contact Us form.

I also welcome you to click banner below to determine if your sales department is equipped in a variety of other areas that also play a key role in driving scalable growth.


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