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Planning for Growth: Fuel Your Company's Success in a Smart Way

When planning for your upcoming fiscal year, it’s essential to be forward-thinking and proactive when setting your goals. You need a proven strategy to fuel your company's growth, and the preparations you make can either take you to the next level or set you a year behind.

If you aren’t creating bottom-up revenue goals and assigning the proper sales coverage to hit those targets, then you might be missing key pieces of the puzzle.

First, creating revenue goals involves setting segmented goals that gradually build up to the overall target. This approach is more manageable and sustainable than trying to hit your goal with one big figure.

Instead, you identify the various sources of revenue that make up a series of realistic and attainable goals.

An article I wrote called, “How to Create Bottom-up Revenue Goals that Make Sense”, will guide you through the revenue planning methodology I recommend to my clients.

By identifying the various sources you anticipate your revenue coming from, such as recurring revenue, account growth, new logo, etc., sales activity plans can be developed that have the right balance of time allocation and velocity for each target to be met.

The second essential aspect of enabling your company’s growth is revisiting your sales coverage model by evaluating how effectively it can support your new revenue targets.

A successful sales team consists of specific roles that have unique skill sets. Your team’s structure should help you retain and upsell current accounts and land new customers through focused business development efforts.

A well-trained and motivated sales team can significantly impact the long-term success of your company.

Read my article, “How Should I Structure My Sales Team to Meet Growth Goals?” if you are looking for help designing the right sales coverage model for your team.

The perfect time to plan for growth is now! When done right, you create a blueprint that guides the building of a high performance sales organization that is capable of achieving new heights.

By setting achievable bottom-up revenue goals and applying strategic sales coverage, you position your business for scalability.

Whether you’re looking for hands-on involvement or a sounding board to guide your steps, I’m here to help. Contact me through any of these methods: or fill out our Contact Us form.

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