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Enable Expected Sales Results With Our Revenue Planning Tool

Updated: 2 days ago

Published on February 15, 2024

Enable Expected Sales Results With Our Revenue Planning Tool

If you are finding yourself questioning the strength of your sales pipeline and wondering why projections seldom line up with the company revenue goals you established, it may be time to revisit how you design your sales targets.

A common disconnect we encounter in businesses of all sizes is the lack of cohesiveness between the company’s revenue planning process and how those goals are translated into realistic, actionable sales plans.

Take control of your revenue trajectory by gleaning from the methodology we utilize with our clients, bottom-up revenue goal setting that enables effective sales planning.

When leaders take a logic-driven approach to developing their targets versus what they thought was possible, their salespeople are put on solid footing to achieve expected results.

Easy To Use Revenue Planning Tool

In one of our most popular previous articles, “How to Create Bottom-up Revenue Goals that Make Sense”, one of my SX Wisconsin colleagues outlined the benefits of breaking down various revenue contributors that feed into the make-up of a company’s annual revenue goal.

We’ve found this approach yields better sales execution than the common practice of handing down sizable growth objectives without providing strategic insight into how they can be practically achieved. Not only does this cause great frustration in your sales team, but the growth targets are seldom achieved when using this "top down" method.

Whether you are planning your sales goals for the new fiscal year, or revisiting existing targets to ensure they are positioned for obtainment, you’ll find value in the bottom-up revenue planning exercise I’m describing. 

This logic has been utilized by hundreds of companies who found it enabled the disciplined, realistic growth they were striving for.

In our quest to support business leaders on their path to revenue growth, we created a plug-and-play Bottom-up Revenue Planning Worksheet to share. 

Our goal was to add more context to our recommended methodology by providing an easy-to-use model. You may glean from the visual here or reach out to request the full-functioning Worksheet that auto calculates. 

Bottoms-Up Revenue Planning Worksheet

A Successful Plan Is One That Is Executed

Empowering your team to work towards common goals with a fully transparent and logical revenue plan is only part of the equation that will drive your company toward remarkable success.

The powerful combination of solid planning, strong sales execution, and effective sales leadership fuels scaling growth.

It’s the powerful combination of solid planning, strong sales execution, and effective sales leadership that fuels scaling growth.

To gauge your sales readiness to operate at a high performance level, review key elements that need to be in place that are outlined in an article from my SX Wisconsin partner titled, “How Can I Build an Accountable Sales Culture?”.

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